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    This site/blog, is the officialis voci of Sanand Mitra.

    Sanand is an entrepreneur, with a background in technology & sports. His vision spans India & the world, and looks at avenues where he could positively contribute to make it a better place.

    His idea of fusion of worlds is what he is presently working on. Combining tech, with sports, general life & getting corporate concepts, ideas & methods to enhance quality of life, add structure to processes & thoughts to random actions.

    Hope the efforts bear fruit & we are able to reap the benefits of the effort being put into uplift the society as a whole, from where it is today.

Tata’s Indianized “U-Turn” of “Premium” JLR Brands

  The Background   The story of Jaguar Land Rover turnaround is quite a remarkable one given the short time frame in which the company returned to profits. Tata Motors succeeded where MNC’s like BMW and Ford motors failed. Initially critics had doubted Tata’s ability to manage such a premium and iconic brand, fearing that … Continue reading

Who is the man in the mirror…….???

While riding back home the other day, I was wondering, this was about the same time in 2008, when we’d just finished our Intach listings & ordered our first lot of genesis bows, and it just made me compare myself to what I was, back then.   Where did I lose the Sanand who would … Continue reading

The first time Chhattisgarh fielded a complete archery team.

Chhattisgarh Archery (Post-1)

Chhattisgarh Archery My Home. My ‘karmbhoomi’. The region, the field that has defined me into what I am today. As many emotions as it brings from me, Chhattisgarh Archery is something that has been close to me, my heart and its interests are reflected in my actions & has always guided my efforts. I am … Continue reading

Chanakya: The Bringer of Change

Chanakya’s Wisdom in 15 Points

‎15 GREAT THOUGHTS BY CHANAKYA 1) “Learn from the mistakes of others… you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!!” 2)”A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and Honest people are screwed first.” 3)”Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous.” 4)”There is … Continue reading

The Concept of Stable Emotional Intelligence

For anyone who’s gone through various “religious” scriptures, Gita of the hindu’s, is the first scripture to define a conceptual state of higher emotional intelligence. In Gita, Krishna mentions it as a “Sthitapragya”, Pragya is mind, intellect, wisdom. Sthita means stable. Sthitapragya is a person whose mind has stabilized. Whether he has faith in the divine … Continue reading

VAYAM Students in Goa

Adding Structure & Curriculum to Sports Training

Being a sportopreneur & also an avid sportsman, I’ve dabbled my share in the sporting world, the key areas of which are essentially technology, human capital development, assessment, performance & post-career placements. I’ve also had the rare privilege of interacting & gaining a third person’s perspective & analysis of the components of my sport: Archery. … Continue reading

What does a Chairman really do?

This was a question I was asked by an overtly curious gentleman on a flight. He apparently saw me using my letterhead on my mac & asked me the question. Now, it bothered me to tell him what do I do. Now, how do you explain it out to just anyone, that I dont want … Continue reading

My TriColour: My reflections of being a proud bearer of my country’s flag

2005. The year I was inducted in the indian national team. SANAND MITRA INDIA My India The first time I realized what it meant to be an indian. The way the Tricolour felt under my fingers, on my tracksuit & my tee. It was an incredible feel. Carrying your flag on your chest is not … Continue reading

The Essence of Archery: As VAYAM Students Are Taught

“Its not about force. Its about serenity.”   “Its not important, where the arrow hits, but how u shot it.”   “It is good you hit the centre, but can you hit it everytime??”   “They say, its all in the mind. Is it??”   “Keep your arrows in the yellow. It is our favorite … Continue reading

Speech at the UNICEF Function on Youth Journalism

This is a very rare speech of mine, as the Chief Guest at a function of UNICEF. It was the closing ceremony of a month long camp on Youth Journalism. Hi. I’m Sanand. I’m an entrepreneur by essence, a sportsman by passion & an innovator by education. I’m here between you all today to present … Continue reading


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