Guide & Mentor

Being a guide, a mentor, a teacher is a tough job.

More than usual, I find myself in this extraordinary situation, where every word has to be carefully weighed, should have gone through the acid tests of reasoning & should be logically & ethically sound. My world revolves around structuring lives that would influence the very basis of thought which creates the foundation of human excellence.
My students are the same people who would shape India into what it would be tomorrow & they are the future that lies in wake of the turmoils of the present. Giving them the right direction, showing them the path towards an ethical, successful & honourable life.
Teaching them ways of words like honour, commitment, prestige, ethics, etc. which seem to have been lost in the struggle for survival in the contemporary world, is an extremely difficult path to tread because the world that they’ve noticed, born & brought up in, denies the existence of these words and thus, making my task, extremely failure prone.
My students make me proud by following the leads given to them on several occasions. Parents, sometimes, can never understand how just one sentence can alter the child’s life, but VAYAM’s efforts towards an honourable world, a world that acknowledges a man for what he/she is, not just for what he/she has, is what I, Sanand Mitra, offer as a humble offering to humankind, dedicated to the undiminishable spirit of human strive for excellence.

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