Responsibilities & Contributions

Everyone who is a part of the society needs to contribute something or the other towards the development & growth of the society.

VAYAM, as a company, was thought of, as an instrument for uplifting human resource & capital standards which exist through-out the country & to set the moral & ethical values straight which have diverted paths. India needs to be the singular destination for global requirements in future if it has to stand up on its feet.

VAYAM’s role in the development of India as a major super-power would essentially be pivotal with VAYAM providing the basic structure & support for providing global standards in workforce training & schooling, without which the entire quality corporate structure would collapse.

Providing back-end support to the growing industries & providing the much needed human infrastructure support, we would aid the country in developing, quality human resource.
To ensure this, VAYAM starts from ground, up, developing the potentials of kids who would be the future. The basic idea being to develop India as a hub for world class talent in every field which would boost the nation’s economy as well as sustain a healthy per capita income, GNP/GDP level.

At VAYAM, we’ve laid a belief system that everyone in India, no matter the background, financials, language, religion, no barriers at all, shall discriminate a person’s talent & his ability to excel. That is the reason why at VAYAM we hold camps even for those who cannot pay, but have the will to excel.

We would try to raise the base level of the nation; the bottomline; the cut-off standards & set out new benchmarks for the forthcoming generations in terms of living standards, educational, mental, nutritional, co-curricular, etc. We wish to set across the same standards that exist globally for any other global citizen. It would be a new India.


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