Zero Accountability

I, as a visionary & an entrepreneur & as a guy who loves making people smile through his efforts, is actually feeling dejected the way things have gone in the recent past.

Why can’t people be accountable, sincere, honest?? They get paid for it and they don’t wish to work. Man, atleast have a look at what are you working for & what is on stake if you don’t work??

There can be nothing which can substitute your responsibilities towards the society & the nation. If a company is working for a much greater cause, than money, why can’t people understand it. You are getting paid for the job, atleast do your work properly man. The country’s future depends on the way you work. People leave their hopes in your hands so that you don’t let them down & is money, all that matters to you, that too without doing any work? Where is the sincerity & loyalty that everyone talks of?

No one, now-a-days, feels accountable for anything that has been entrusted to him/her. We have become comfortable with a system which has ZERO accountability. Is that the legacy we wish to pass on to our future generations?? Where is all the passion for a non-corrupt, responsible system?? Is this cheating & deceit what’s gonna give your kids their dream world?? Is this what you’ll pass on??

I mean how can you say that you didnt do you job properly coz u didnt “feel” like it??What do you say to the doctor who almost killed you child, coz he didnt feel like it?? You tell him that its okay?? Jobs, hopes, dreams & duties are not to be mishandled…

Wake up people. Darwin said it… either you fight or you’ll become extinct…. Time would move & the next generation, if bred properly, would wipe you off & would defy the very beliefs which have formed your world..


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