Speech at the UNICEF Function on Youth Journalism

This is a very rare speech of mine, as the Chief Guest at a function of UNICEF. It was the closing ceremony of a month long camp on Youth Journalism.

Hi. I’m Sanand. I’m an entrepreneur by essence, a sportsman by passion & an innovator by education.

I’m here between you all today to present to you, the laurels you’ve achieved in the past year with your contribution towards the rise of child journalism with your creativity, your perspective & the unique bent of your thoughts. I’m deeply honoured & gratified for being chosen. And though I am going to talk about what I feel about creativity, journalism & expressions, I would just be giving you my perspectives on the matter.

For those who know Ford Cars, their founder, Henry Ford once exclaimed: “Whether you think you are creative or not, you’re right.”

Okay, so Mr. Ford didn’t exactly say that, but he did say something very, very close. And despite the minor difference in what Henry Ford really said and what is quoted above, the meaning is the same: if you think you can, you can.

If you think you can be creative, you will be.

Beliefs are powerful, so much so that they can either help you grow and overcome obstacles, or not. The Buddha himself is quoted as saying “He is able who thinks he is able.” Granted: you can’t simply believe that you’ll grow wings and fly, but being realistic about what you believe and what you think you can do might make all the difference. How could you possibly expect to solve a problem or resolve an issue or think of a groundbreaking new idea unless you first believe that you can?

There have always been means to express your creativity, your perspective, your opinion. Expressions such as painting, writing, speech, poetry, etc. have been the foremost & choicest methods of portraying what you are thinking. Expressions are alike. Words are chosen as per your mood. If you think lofty, you would choose lofty words such as magnanimous, gigantic, while if you’re sad, you would choose sad words such as gloomy, depressed, etc. It works the same with painting. If you’re happy, your hand moves on bright colours, while your gloom takes you to darker & gloomy tomes.

The task at hand, Journalism, is a tricky thing as you might have noticed in your experience with it. Writing & expressing, or reporting is fairly easy but the master-stroke lies in the word-play, the choice of words used to coin sentences, the slippery double & multiple meaning sentences. I know you’ve had fun with it but were you responsible in your use of the written word?? The question is not what was reported, but how was it portrayed. Were you fair & justified in your portrayal of the subject?

Journalism & its art are easy to learn but lethal if they’re unjust in their use. Your perspective must be wholesome. You HAVE TO report things in totality, else the very essence & the purpose of your reporting is destroyed. We know history for what it is, but we know it only through perspectives of those who lived to tell the tale. Things could have been different but do we know if they were?

On you lies the onus of fair portrayal & reporting. Use your creativity well. Believe in yourself. It is the key to being yourself even after you’ve come out of the struggles of life and even the tests of time.

If you want to be creative: first believe that you can be. And always remember the ground advice: whether you think you’re creative or not, you’re right.

Always stick by the truth, follow your conscience, it never lies or deceives. If your heart tells you it is wrong, it is wrong. Know & accept it. Report the news, unadulterated. It is your foremost duty.

Make India a proud mother, she basks in glory only through her children. US. Always.


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