The Essence of Archery: As VAYAM Students Are Taught

“Its not about force. Its about serenity.”


“Its not important, where the arrow hits, but how u shot it.”


“It is good you hit the centre, but can you hit it everytime??”


“They say, its all in the mind. Is it??”


“Keep your arrows in the yellow. It is our favorite colour…ALWAYS”


“Shoot for only 1 arrow. That is all that matters. Give each arrow the same concentration, the same form & the same strength.”


“Great champions are not made from more competitions, but from more preparedness.”


“On the line, you’re alone. Your coach stands away. So do your supporters, loved one’s, even your own inspiration, watches you from a distance. Brace yourself coz you stand & shoot alone.”


“Winning is not a choice, or an option or a luxury. It is our foremost necessity.”


“It aint about the force that you use or the rush that you have, but the inner calm & tranquility that you feel within you when you pickup the bow.


“We train you to perform consistently on a global platform. Our aim, training, equipments & standards have always been global. Help us make you rise to being a global champion.”


……………. to be continued..I’ll keep adding as I hear my instructors/coaches/mentors, speaking to the students..


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