About Sanand

Sanand Mitra

Sanand Salil Mitra born May 5, 1983 is the Chairman and Chief Managing Director (CMD) of VAYAM Group, an Indian archery pioneer organization. He chooses to call himself, a sportopreneur (a word coined by him, to segregate entrepreneurs, businesspeople, manufacturers, engineers, etc., having sports as their field of enterprise). An entrepreneur, with sports as his defining field of business or entrepreneurial acumen. An international archer & 2 times national gold medallist in archery, he is a state & national awardee with commendable performances in the national & international circuit, taking the national compound archery scene with storm in his debut in 2005.

The most feared competitor in the national compound circuit for his brief archery career (2005–2007). Sanand raised the bar & standards in the national archery circuit. A Robotics & Artificial Intelligence major by education & a striving entrepreneur, Sanand established VAYAM-Visionaries & Entrepreneurs in 2008 to boost the standards of Indian Archery & to bring it up to international standards through a corporate endeavour.

Being an engineer, an innovator & an entrepreneur, he has keen interest in the development of sporting talent. His innovative & entrepreneurial acumen has given rise to his series of workshops & lectures on: “Sports Engineering & Being a Sportopreneur”. One of his workshops was at MSU, Baroda, India, http://www.msu-footprints.org/?p=1009.

His latest training effort, dhanurved (which means the science of archery, in sanskrit), is bringing in commendations from all circles. He has personally taken over as the Chief of Operations for the dhanurved brand, taking world class archery to the masses in India & abroad.


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