About Sanand

I am an engineer by education, a sportsman by passion & an entrepreneur by profession. I’ve spent the past 12 years of my life in being a part of an elite, high performance & extremely technical sport. I’ve essayed different roles in it. Athlete, champion, coach, mentor, guide, planner, policy maker, etc. I’m still learning, evolving & trying to contribute my best to the sport that turned an artificial intelligence & robotics fanatic, into an ardent worshipper of a sport which had lost its sheen a few centuries ago, to a barrel filled with gunpowder.

With this blog I’ve, previously, presented my perspectives on a variety of topics, including technology, strategy, statecraft, sports policy, experiences, etc. but, in retrospect, I should’ve written more and restricted myself to my sport and Indian polity & strategy, which are areas I specialise in & can contribute to. I shall hence be writing on my take on these 3 sections and my visions of how these would shape up in future.

I would be open to constructive criticism & shall try my best to answer each response, to the best of my knowledge. Lets initiate a dialogue for the progress of Indian sports, polity & strategy and see, where it leads us to.


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