The Concept of Stable Emotional Intelligence

For anyone who’s gone through various “religious” scriptures, Gita of the hindu’s, is the first scripture to define a conceptual state of higher emotional intelligence. In Gita, Krishna mentions it as a “Sthitapragya”, Pragya is mind, intellect, wisdom. Sthita means stable. Sthitapragya is a person whose mind has stabilized. Whether he has faith in the divine is immaterial, as long as he is in a state of equilibrium while facing the ups and downs of life. Sthitapragya is not a religious person engaged in rituals. In this state you do experience life but remain unmoved by it because your mental faculties are always in a state of equilibrium. You can even be an atheist.

A sthitapragya remains unperturbed in pleasure and pain — he does not say he is insensitive to them. He means to say that a wise man goes beyond happiness and sorrow, he transcends them — not by killing his sensitivity but by attaining to a higher state of consciousness, to superconsciousness. This statement of Krishna’s is very profound and meaningful. He says sthitapragya is one who remains unperturbed and steady in the midst of both happiness and misery. And your question is equally relevant: that if someone does not feel happy in happiness and miserable in misery will it not destroy his sensitivity?

There are two ways of remaining unperturbed in the midst of happiness and suffering.
One way is to kill your sensitivity. Then you will cease to be happy in happiness and miserable in misery. If your tongue is burned you will cease to taste both the sweet and sour. If your eyes are blinded you will know neither light nor darkness. A deaf person is insensitive to every kind of sound — pleasant and unpleasant. Insensitivity is the simplest way of achieving evenness of mind in both pleasure and pain.

Krishna’s meaning is very different. An unconscious person, one under the influence of drugs, is insensitive to pain and pleasure but he cannot be said to have transcended them. He has rather fallen below the normal state of consciousness. In that way every dead person is insensitive. Transcendence is entirely different.

And I interpret this aphorism of Krishna’s very differently. In my view, Krishna’s way of transcending happiness and sorrow is different and unique. If someone experiences happiness fully, if he is utterly sensitive to pleasure, if he lives it so totally that no. thing remains to be lived, he will soon transcend it. Then he will be unperturbed and steady in every situation of pleasure and happiness.

Similarly if someone experiences pain and misery totally, if he goes into it with all his being, without trying to escape it in the least, he too will go beyond pain; he will never again be disturbed by suffering. Krishna does not ask you to kill your sensitivity; on the contrary, he wants you to heighten your sensitivity to its utmost, so it becomes total. Krishna stands for sensitivity, and total sensitivity at that.

If someone’s continuously seen misery & pain, especially something that cannot be expressed to anyone else in words, something in him dies; he continues to live but some emotions never come up & rise again in his being. Sometimes the pain is too great a burden for words to bear & silence is the only path that she expresses her loneliness in. She said it in a moment of silence & I heard it in a moment of silence…….


Speech at the UNICEF Function on Youth Journalism

This is a very rare speech of mine, as the Chief Guest at a function of UNICEF. It was the closing ceremony of a month long camp on Youth Journalism.

Hi. I’m Sanand. I’m an entrepreneur by essence, a sportsman by passion & an innovator by education.

I’m here between you all today to present to you, the laurels you’ve achieved in the past year with your contribution towards the rise of child journalism with your creativity, your perspective & the unique bent of your thoughts. I’m deeply honoured & gratified for being chosen. And though I am going to talk about what I feel about creativity, journalism & expressions, I would just be giving you my perspectives on the matter.

For those who know Ford Cars, their founder, Henry Ford once exclaimed: “Whether you think you are creative or not, you’re right.”

Okay, so Mr. Ford didn’t exactly say that, but he did say something very, very close. And despite the minor difference in what Henry Ford really said and what is quoted above, the meaning is the same: if you think you can, you can.

If you think you can be creative, you will be.

Beliefs are powerful, so much so that they can either help you grow and overcome obstacles, or not. The Buddha himself is quoted as saying “He is able who thinks he is able.” Granted: you can’t simply believe that you’ll grow wings and fly, but being realistic about what you believe and what you think you can do might make all the difference. How could you possibly expect to solve a problem or resolve an issue or think of a groundbreaking new idea unless you first believe that you can?

There have always been means to express your creativity, your perspective, your opinion. Expressions such as painting, writing, speech, poetry, etc. have been the foremost & choicest methods of portraying what you are thinking. Expressions are alike. Words are chosen as per your mood. If you think lofty, you would choose lofty words such as magnanimous, gigantic, while if you’re sad, you would choose sad words such as gloomy, depressed, etc. It works the same with painting. If you’re happy, your hand moves on bright colours, while your gloom takes you to darker & gloomy tomes.

The task at hand, Journalism, is a tricky thing as you might have noticed in your experience with it. Writing & expressing, or reporting is fairly easy but the master-stroke lies in the word-play, the choice of words used to coin sentences, the slippery double & multiple meaning sentences. I know you’ve had fun with it but were you responsible in your use of the written word?? The question is not what was reported, but how was it portrayed. Were you fair & justified in your portrayal of the subject?

Journalism & its art are easy to learn but lethal if they’re unjust in their use. Your perspective must be wholesome. You HAVE TO report things in totality, else the very essence & the purpose of your reporting is destroyed. We know history for what it is, but we know it only through perspectives of those who lived to tell the tale. Things could have been different but do we know if they were?

On you lies the onus of fair portrayal & reporting. Use your creativity well. Believe in yourself. It is the key to being yourself even after you’ve come out of the struggles of life and even the tests of time.

If you want to be creative: first believe that you can be. And always remember the ground advice: whether you think you’re creative or not, you’re right.

Always stick by the truth, follow your conscience, it never lies or deceives. If your heart tells you it is wrong, it is wrong. Know & accept it. Report the news, unadulterated. It is your foremost duty.

Make India a proud mother, she basks in glory only through her children. US. Always.

India as a Global Nation: The Vision of a Man

As the nation cheers onto the sporting gala at Delhi, I am thrown back into my days as a sportsman who proudly wore the Tricolour on his chest & fought for its glory & rise to the champion’s stands in major championships on foreign soil. “Sanand-India” used to be on my back & I was known for being an Indian. I also remember myself thinking in Madrid, I wish this was in India & simultaneously the thought reiterated itself, I would do everything I can to make India comparable to these cities.

Today, as a corporate head, who is looking towards contributing to the nation’s growth, not just as a taxpayer, but also as a component in the sectors that he conducts business in, I am looking at a sprawling nation, with an enormous landmass, huge potential, but a lot of talkers & even fewer doers. I have toured the country, close to 3 times, yes, the length & breadth of it. In trains, buses, bullock carts & even on bicycle, to get to the India that I would be contributing to & the nation that lives in my heart. No doubt, India is a country of villages with a far less number of urban centres. Going by the figures, I should say, at present, only about 30 per cent of India’s 1.1bn citizens dwell in urban centres. The remaining 70 per cent reside in rural areas, making Asia’s third-largest economy the biggest nation of villages in the world, exactly as the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, envisioned it would be.

However, this is about to change, as India is on the cusp of an urban transformation, according to Shirish Sankhe and Richard Dobbs, authors of McKinsey Global Institute’s report “India’s Urban awakening”.

It took nearly 40 years for [India’s] urban population to rise by 230m, but it will take only half this time to add the next 250m. Cities will be core to India’s economic growth,” they argue. “They will generate 70 per cent of net new jobs created by 2030, produce more than 70 per cent of GDP, and stimulate a near fourfold increase in per capita incomes across the nation.

The rise of a new urban class, which experts believe will represent nearly half of India’s population by 2030, is seen as an opportunity to create and develop state-of-the art cities and drive the country’s growth to double-digit levels, according to city planners, environmentalists and social scientists.

However as a son of my country, knowing my country as much as I do, I have a number of concerns. Is India ready for such a transformation? Are the country’s leaders equipped to direct this phenomenal transition from rural to urban societies? The systems & policies that should have been in place ages ago, are yet nowhere to be seen! And is there a vision available to the citizens of the nation, as to what the country would be & where they should see themselves in the next 20 years, and what would be expected of them? Not just as residents of megapolises but also as hosts to global guests, welcoming them into our abodes & ensuring their comfort & stay. We need to dovetail Indian culture with modern outlook, infrastructure, systems with the rise of India as a global nation, in league with EU, UK, USA, etc.

This writeup of mine is inspired by an argument of mine, with a friend of mine this evening over the fact that the rowdy crowds at the CWG, should be briefed about the decorum of the sport & also on the fact that I apologized to a few friends of mine, who’ve come from other nations as participants, on the discomfort caused to them in the event. My status, “India needs ambassadors who would show the world what we are with our ability to be global citizens, a global nation, comparable to the rest of the world, not ballad singers who would even praise pothole laden streets with great fervor without considering them to be way below the global infrastructural standards.”, falls in the same line, that we need to ensure that we rise up to global standards as a nation, not just with our culture & our philosophy, but with our courtesies, humility, manners as well as our infrastructure & economy.

We need to accept the fact that yeah, our roads are filled with potholes, but so what, we would take steps to ensure that we convert them into smooth tar paths & instead of sitting & talking about everything being okay, to quote Mr. Mathrani over here, won’t be wrong; what he terms as the “Chalta Hai” attitude that has been with us. The country needs to be accountable for all our faults, & we are what forms the country. Starting with us, we need to see what efforts we are making towards the development of India, into the nation that we would want it to be & for all those who still feel that we’re the best at everything that we do, I don’t think I would address the “ Gandhiji ka modern Bandar, jisme pichle teeno Bandar mile hue hai”. Kam se kam aankh khol kar dekho aur shrm karo ki ye sab jab ho raha tha to tum kaha they?? Agar apni galti nahi manna hai to desh ki izzat rakho..mehmaano ko dhange se treat karo.. Country comes first, not what you think.

Help the country rise to glory & India wont need false praises, it never has. We need to build it in a way that the world praises us as a nation. And we’re a team, when you decide to join the cause, afterall, we’re children to the same mother India. As they say in the national team, It is the Tricolour that comes first, the name on the back is where it should be, behind you.

Once again dedicated to the spirit of India with its passionate saffron hues, pure whites & serene greens & to the children, youngsters & my students, for whom we’re all building this nation. I love my INDIA.

Zero Accountability

I, as a visionary & an entrepreneur & as a guy who loves making people smile through his efforts, is actually feeling dejected the way things have gone in the recent past.

Why can’t people be accountable, sincere, honest?? They get paid for it and they don’t wish to work. Man, atleast have a look at what are you working for & what is on stake if you don’t work??

There can be nothing which can substitute your responsibilities towards the society & the nation. If a company is working for a much greater cause, than money, why can’t people understand it. You are getting paid for the job, atleast do your work properly man. The country’s future depends on the way you work. People leave their hopes in your hands so that you don’t let them down & is money, all that matters to you, that too without doing any work? Where is the sincerity & loyalty that everyone talks of?

No one, now-a-days, feels accountable for anything that has been entrusted to him/her. We have become comfortable with a system which has ZERO accountability. Is that the legacy we wish to pass on to our future generations?? Where is all the passion for a non-corrupt, responsible system?? Is this cheating & deceit what’s gonna give your kids their dream world?? Is this what you’ll pass on??

I mean how can you say that you didnt do you job properly coz u didnt “feel” like it??What do you say to the doctor who almost killed you child, coz he didnt feel like it?? You tell him that its okay?? Jobs, hopes, dreams & duties are not to be mishandled…

Wake up people. Darwin said it… either you fight or you’ll become extinct…. Time would move & the next generation, if bred properly, would wipe you off & would defy the very beliefs which have formed your world..

David Shows Goliath, the way to win.

Everyone who is a part of the society needs to contribute something or the other towards the development & growth of the society.

VAYAM, as a company, was thought of, as an instrument for uplifting human resource & capital standards which exist through-out the country & to set the moral & ethical values straight which have diverted paths. India needs to be the singular destination for global requirements in future if it has to stand up on its feet.

VAYAM’s role in the development of India as a major super-power would essentially be pivotal with VAYAM providing the basic structure & support for providing global standards in workforce training & schooling, without which the entire quality corporate structure would collapse.

Providing back-end support to the growing industries & providing the much needed human infrastructure support, we would aid the country in developing, quality human resource.

To ensure this, VAYAM starts from ground, up, developing the potentials of kids who would be the future. The basic idea being to develop India as a hub for world class talent in every field which would boost the nation’s economy as well as sustain a healthy per capita income, GNP/GDP level. Growing entrepreneurs, increasing awarenessAt VAYAM, we’ve laid a belief system that everyone in India, no matter the background, financials, language, religion, no barriers at all, shall discriminate a person’s talent & his ability to excel. That is the reason why at VAYAM we hold camps even for those who cannot pay, but have the will to excel.

We would try to raise the base level of the nation; the bottomline; the cut-off standards & set out new benchmarks for the forthcoming generations in terms of living standards, educational, mental, nutritional, co-curricular, etc. We wish to set across the same standards that exist globally for any other global citizen. It would be a new India.

A new dawn, a new era, a new hope, a new rising. Dedicated to VAYAM: Fueled by Passion; Driven by Desire…